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Pull One’s Weight 1100 Words You Need Week 27

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Pull One’s Weight 1100 Words You Need

Pull One’s Weight 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 4 with synonyms and antonyms and authentic text

to do one’s fair share of work, do one’s full share of the work, help, help out, assist, lend a hand, contribute, make a contribution, do your bit, give someone a hand, do your part, do your role

To the person who’s not motivated to pull his weight: “Some people work to live, not live to work,” says Davey. These people may be smart and even pretty good at their jobs, but they rarely pitch in when then the team needs help. “You need to be clear to this person about how his level of effort has consequences in terms of his chances of promotion, financial incentives, and choice assignments,” she says. “Here is where equity comes into play.” Be direct about how he is failing to meet your expectations, says Morgenstern. “Say, ‘we are team and we need to evenly share the workload,’” she says. “And then be clear and concrete about what you want the person to do and take on.”

Source: https://hbr.org/

Antonyms: hinder, impede

Farsi: وظیفه خود را به خوبی انجام دادن

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