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Refute 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 3

Refute 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 3

Refute 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 3

/rɪˈfjuːt/ (verb)

to prove that a person, statement or opinion is wrong or false, disprove, prove wrong, prove false, deny, denounce, controvert, rebut, debunk, discredit, invalidate, contest, counter, repudiate, negate, contradict

While these scientists and philosophers recognized that theories about nature could not be proved true, they did believe that by eliminating rival hypotheses through prescribed methods, science could finally reveal the residual, single, true description of nature. One kind of experiment was thought to be ideal for the purpose: ‘crucial experiments’ simultaneously refuted one hypothesis while verifying another hypothesis which was presumed to be the only logical alternative to the target hypothesis. Crucial experiments were thus thought to play a central role in science’s project of searching for the truth.

Source: https://link.springer.com/

Antonym: prove, vindicate

Noun: refutation, refutability

Adjective: refutable

Adverb: refutably

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