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Rigmarole in Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus in Real Context

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Definition of Rigmarole in visual dictionary and thesaurus with real examples for GRE candidates from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

/ˈrɪg.mə.rəʊl/ (noun)


a long set of ridiculous and purposeless words and actions in a complicated procedure, ado, fuss, hassle, meaningless and complicated task which is also abortive – overelaboration, account, explanation


While most business leaders recognize that bureaucracy and rigmarole squashes initiative, risk taking, and creativity, it continues to thrive. In a complex global environment, it’s seen as a necessary coping mechanism. Many look to start-ups for an answer.

Though mindful of its evils, many people believe bureaucracy is unavoidable. Dimon remembers an outside adviser who defended it as the “necessary outcome of complex businesses operating in complex international and regulatory environments.” Indeed, since 1983 the number of managers, supervisors, and administrators in the U.S. workforce has grown by more than 100%, while the number of people in all other occupations has increased by just 44%. In a survey by Harvard Business Review, nearly two-thirds of respondents said their organizations had become more bureaucratic in recent years.

Source of example: https://hbr.org/

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