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Consciousness and Mindfulness

As humans, we have this potential to practice consciousness and alertness in our tasks to reap the numerous benefits attributed to this unique trait.

Techniques for Enhancing Consciousness

  1. Imagine that you have reached the summit of a mountain, and from that altitude, you are watching or observing the other parts of the mountain below your feet. This technique signifies that you are in charge. Different events in your life and various experiences are simply underneath you, and you can control them. According to Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, you can practice the technique of “dealing without feeling”. It means that sometimes, it’s better to shut down your emotions, and use the neocortex of your brain.

To simplify this case, you can imagine your body being a robot or automaton that is programmed by your intelligence, that is, mindfulness.

It is important to note that the decisive process of goal setting is undertaken at the time of being conscious.

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