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Ludicrous Definition in Context with Images

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Ludicrous definition in context with images and synonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student used in short authentic sentences and context. Learn the word, ludicrous, in context with illustrations and improve your reading comprehension at the same time.

/ˈluː.dɪ.krəs/ (adj)

Ludicrous definition

too funny and ridiculous, deserving to be laughed at and ridiculed, fatuous, risible, preposterous, farcical, insane, comical, nonsensical, inane, asinine, comic, absurd, laughable, droll, foolish


What is the best way to react when people give credence to ludicrous and stupid ideas?

It depends on who is presenting the idea or belief. If it’s someone I care about, I will be polite and listen. If they know me well, I may ask them how they came to their conclusions. Besides, my version of the idea may be their idea of stupid. I won’t throw away a good relationship with someone just because we disagree on an idea, unless its something morally objectionable that I don’t want around me.

Source of example: https://www.quora.com/


serious, sensible

Parts of speech

Noun: ludicrousness

Adverb: ludicrously

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