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Droll GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Droll GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/drəʊl/ (adj)


amusing in a strange way, witty, humorous, ridiculous, quirky, risible, funny, mirthful, farcical, comical, ludicrous, comic, absurd, jocular, hilarious, entertaining


There is no rule, of course, that says films have to be about anything. One way of looking at comic and droll book movies is to see them simply as mental popcorn, meant to be rapidly consumed and forgotten — this may be precisely why so many people love them. They are harmless. Armies of Hollywood professionals get paid, megamillions enjoy them and nobody gets hurt. Even snooty critics have fun inventing clever ways to slam them.




Parts of speech

Adverb: drolly

Noun: drollness

Noun: drollery

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