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Sanguine 1100 Words You Need Week 11 Day 1

Sanguine 1100 Words You Need

Sanguine 1100 Words You Need

/ˈsæŋ.gwɪn/ (adj

(of someone or their character) positive and hopeful, optimistic, upbeat, confident, cheerful, buoyant:

They are less sanguine about the prospects for peace.

Sanguine people can be great motivators, as they’ll enthusiastically encourage others towards action, and they see things positively, optimistically, and would convince others to see things that way too.

Antonyms: pessimistic, morose, downbeat, doleful, wet blanket

Noun: sanguineness, sanguinity

Adv: sanguinely

French: sanguine

Farsi: خوش مشرب، شاد، زرنگ

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