Session 2:

Session’s Name: (A Positive You!)
Topic: “What are the building blocks of positive thinking?”
o Suggested Key Words: positive thinking, thought control, thinking pattern, mind/mood management, etc.
o Proposed by “Hossein Hariri”

 Questions:
1. What is meant by positive thinking?
2. Do you think positive thinking is genetic or acquired?
3. What are the main principles of positive thinking?
4. Can you be a negative thinker and a good person?
5. What is the role of environment in the establishment of positive thinking?
6. Is it possible to live in an adverse and deleterious atmosphere and be a positive thinker as well?
7. What are the physiological and physical (as opposed to mental) foundations of positive thinking?
8. What are the strategies you put to use in order to actualise positive thinking in your personal life?
 Quotations:
Free Discussion Handout
Learn English to Live Better (LELB Society) WWW.LELBS.COM
1. “You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.” (Brian Tracy)
2. “Thought pollution is much more dangerous than air, sound, water, etc. pollutions.” (Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl)
3. “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.” (Norman Vincent Peale)
 Related Idioms:
1. To feel like a million dollars/bucks
2. To have the world by the tail:
3. To be walking on air:

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