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Session 8:

Session NO.: #8
o Suggested Key Words: , hopefulness, sanguinity, positivity, etc.
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

1. Is optimism learnable?
2. Are you sometimes required to be pessimistic?
3. Is realism better than optimism?
Conversation Handout
Learn English to Live Better (LELB Society) WWW.LELBS.COM
4. Compare and contrast optimistic and pessimistic people.
5. When you look at a half full / half empty glass of water, which part grabs your attention more?
Related Idioms & Expressions:
1. To look at / see the bright side: to be optimistic
2. Castles in the air: hopes and plans you have that seem to be unlikely to come true to you
3. To be in a fool’s paradise: to be happy without any particular reason
4. To keep up appearance: to keep yourself looking calm and happy in spite of having serious problems

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