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Sleep On It 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

Sleep On It 1100 Words You Need

Sleep On It 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

to think about a decision carefully before making it, reflect on something deeply, consider a case or decision profoundly, be reflective or pensive, contemplate, ponder, weigh

In an experiment led by researchers at the University of Illinois, people were shown a series of words (either action words like “start” and “active” or inaction words like “stop” and “rest”) and then faced a test of their self-control. People who viewed action words had poorer impulse control than those who saw terms suggesting inaction.

Sleep On It
Of course, that’s not to suggest that you should stay stagnant. Instead, keep in mind that the best decisions usually involve some serious forethought. Give yourself time to process information and don’t rush.

It never hurts to relax before making a big choice, so practice stress reduction techniques before you make that big decision.

Source: https://www.mequilibrium.com/

Antonyms: act impulsively, improvise, be impetuous, shake a leg

Farsi: روی تصمیمی عمیقا فکر کردن

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