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Stupor 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 4

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Stupor 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 4

Stupor 1100 Words You Need Week 35 Day 4

/ˈstjuː.pəʳ/ US /ˈstuː.pɚ/ (noun)

a state of being unconscious, torpor, insensibility, daze, oblivion, daze, dazed state, unconsciousness, lethargy, inertness, limpness, apathy, inertia, numbness

Stupor is a state of complete psychomotor inhibition with retention of consciousness. The patient in stupor presents sitting or lying motionless in bed; catatonic patients may adopt a statuesque posture or some bizarre symbolic position such as having the arms outstretched in the position of crucifixion. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance may precipitate stupor and improvement in the patient’s degree of hydration produces amelioration. Antidepressive therapy with tricyclic drugs after the patient begins to take oral fluids consolidates improvement in most affective disorders. The epileptic threshold in catatonic stupor is low and spontaneous seizures are not uncommon. An even rarer form of stupor is Strauder’s acute lethal catatonia. Benign stupor was a term used by Hoch in 1921 to describe a form of stupor that he thought was a part of a manic-depressive psychosis. Whatever the pathophysiology of the patient in stupor, the diagnosis and management of the condition always presents the clinician with a testing challenge.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/

Antonyms: activeness, consciousness

Adjective: stuporous

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