Practice Reading & Listening on Rainforests for IELTS

Practice reading & listening on rainforests at LELB Society with podcast and flashcards for IELTS by Morteza Mousavi

Practice Reading & Listening on Rainforests Practice Reading & Listening on Rainforests for IELTS What are rainforests? Shrouded in a blanket of clouds, they awaken, their canopies of green glitter in the sun. Their wildlife starts to slither. Chirp, and growl and one of the planet’s richest ecosystems (comes to life). Rainforests are the oldest

IELTS Listening Practice Air Pollution

IELTS Listening Practice LELB Society

IELTS Listening Practice Air Pollution IELTS Listening Practice Air Pollution About this activity This activity is labeled round table by Dr. Hariri, the creator and administrator of LELB Society. This activity is on the premise of Flipped Learning, according to which the students watch a video before the class, carry out research into the selected theme, and prepare themselves for an informed discussion in the class. This activity is on