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Deforestation | An IELTS Essay Sample

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Deforestation | An IELTS Essay Sample

Deforestation | An IELTS Essay Sample


Logging the trees of the rain forests is a serious problem and it may lead to the extinction of animal and human life.
To what extent do you agree with the intensity of this menace?

The Essay Written by LELB Students

In today’s world, most people are not apprehensive about what is happening to the trees and this is a regrettable issue. In my opinion, the government should concern in the representative samples of environmental impacts instead of focusing on protect natural areas and people should stop cutting trees down in rain forest.

Undoubtedly, the problem of logging rainforest is caused by human action. To be more specific, trees are cut down in the forest by people for their merits. For instance, a paper company should cut trees for their production to make paper and book.

Nowadays, the destruction of rain forests has proliferating worldwide. I personally believe this problem has become a serious threat of human lives and animals to a great extent.

First of all, the existence of forests could be really influential in terms of weather conditions. To be more specific, oxygen could be released and carbon dioxide would be absorbed with the help of trees. Moreover, animals cannot persist in life if their habitats get demolished. To put it in another word, flora and fauna would be in danger if human beings chopped the trees down.

Nature is one of the best blessings of our God which has no substitutions. All creatures need the nature and the green space to experience a high quality of life. They have the specific effects on the mind and spirit of people and as a whole on the society. Ruining the jungles such as logging the trees is considered as a kind of crime in all over the world. Generally speaking, all people are responsible for the nature and the environment and should respect them which is in fact a way of respecting themselves.

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