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Throw Cold Water 1100 Words You Need Week 46 Day 4

Throw Cold Water 1100 Words You Need Week 46 Day 4

Throw Cold Water 1100 Words You Need Week 46 Day 4

to spoil something, cause people to lose interest in something, discourage a plan or idea, pour cold water, be negative about someone’s ideas or plans, act such a wet blanket, question or criticize someone’s opinions or plans, dissuade, inhibit, dispirit, dishearten

Johanna Bonhill-Smith, Travel & Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “The introduction of quarantine tracking tags may prove just another barrier for travellers and further discourage and throw cold water on future travel plans. Numerous destinations across Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand rely on inbound travel from Singaporeans for a combination of both leisure and business travel, but the large fines and potential imprisonment if quarantine rules are broken may urge travelers to opt for a local break this year.


Antonyms: support, back up, uphold, encourage, cheer

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