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Tussle 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 3

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Tussle 1100 Words You Need

Tussle 1100 Words You Need

/ˈtʌs.ļ/ (noun & verb)

to have a fight with another person using your body and arms, have a vigorous fight, brawl, struggle, battle, attack, exchange blows, skirmish, contest, dispute, oppose, argue, argument, conflict, disagreement, friction, cross swords, opposition

Critic’s Choice: Mariah Robertson’s vigorous tussle with photography

Each work is the residue of Robertson’s vigorous tussle with her materials, the pouring of chemicals and improvised manipulation of their flow. She is photography’s answer to stain painting, action painting and process-based performance: Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis, Jackson Pollock, and hot-lead-throwing Richard Serra, all rolled into one.

Source: https://www.latimes.com/

Antonym: accept, reconcile, compromise

Farsi: مسابقه جسمانى ، کشمکش ، مجادله ، نزاع کردن ، بحث کردن ، تقـلا کردن

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