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Vogue 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 2

Vogue 1100 Words You Need

Vogue 1100 Words You Need

/vəʊg/ (noun)

a fashion, trend or general liking especially one that is transient, prevailing fashion, craze mode, fad, style

The study, which includes authors from several leading modeling centers, casts doubt on many forecasts of regional climate change, which are crucial for policymaking. It also means efforts to attribute specific weather events to global warming, now much in vogue, are rife with errors. “The whole thing is concerning,” says Isla Simpson, an atmospheric dynamicist and modeler at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who was not involved in the study. “It could mean we’re not getting future climate projections right.”

Source: https://www.sciencemag.org

Adjective: voguish

Adverb: voguishly

Noun: voguishness

Farsi: رسم معمول ، رواج ، عادت ، مرسوم ، مد، متداول ، عمومى ورايج

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