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Writing Practice on Boosting Creativity

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Writing Practice on Boosting Creativity

Writing Practice on Boosting Creativity

Creativity is a beneficial skill which can revolutionize creatures’ lives for the better. In fact, in spite of all difficulties and restrictions, humans are continuously trying to simplify and optimize their own lives by inventing various tools and methods.

The most serious obstacles for((obstacles to)) creativity are the limitations. In details((in detail)), there exists always confinement that humans cannot exceed owing to the lack of materials, money, knowledge, etc. So, I personally believe that the beauty of invention is the ability to find a remedy at the presence of hindrances. For instance, in the dim and distant past, people had insatiable appetite((an insatiable appetite)) for flight but limitations did not let them think of that. So, as time went by, the frontiers of knowledge were pushed back and humans became capable of bringing this project to fruition. Nevertheless, people ought not to make any excuses if any issue is raised. Actually, we should not get accustomed to any problem by reason of limitations and there is always room for innovation.

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed (Wikipeida). There is a subtle difference between invent or create((inventing and creating)) something new, in comparison with discover or reuse((discovering or reusing)) something out of what we already have. I suppose there is a famous debate on this subject. These people also believe that every invention and creation which is made in this world, took their constitutive elements inside the world, even most intangible and abstract ideas have initiation placed in this world. Literally, we just discover new usage of what is at our disposal.

On the other hand, there should be supporters of the idea of “human can create”.
I’m fond of the first idea that every elements of each creative action comes from this world. Therefore, I call restrictions as tools and guidance to discover (not create) new methods and materials and find something which best match my circumstances. According to my idea we’d better use discover rather than create.

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