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Acupuncture | A Presentation in English

Acupuncture | A Presentation in English

Acupuncture | A Presentation in English

LELB Lecturer: Sasan

Listen to this presentation.

Questions about the Presentation:

  1. What is needle therapy used for?
  2. In which country is it really common?
  3. What is placebo effect?
  4. Which group of people need this treatment more than others?
  5. Explain about the procedure of performing acupuncture.
  6. What happens in the brain of a person receiving this treatment?
  7. How does needles therapy relieve pain?
  8. Is treatment with needles scientific?
  9. Discuss some of the possible risks in association with this traditional treatment.
  10. Do you know what alternative medicine is?
  11. Have you ever experienced this treatment?
  12. In what situations or conditions should treatment with needles be prescribed?
  13. What might happen if treatment with needles is performed by unprofessional practitioners?

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