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Adamant 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 4

Adamant 1100 Words You Need

Adamant 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 4 with flashcards, synonyms, antonyms and authentic text for IELTS, TOEFL & GRE

/ˈæd.ə.mənt/ (adj)

unwilling to change, impossible to persuade, inflexible, set in opinion, obstinate, obdurate, stubborn, unyielding, unbending, opinionated, unwavering, resolute, determined, steadfast, resistant, inveterate

How to influence adamant employees?

The first step is to agree with whatever they just said. This is not flipping sides or using reverse-psychology. It is simply a reflective-listening technique to affirm that you have heard them. You are ceasing your assault on their position and letting them know that their power to choose is still intact.

For example, you want an employee to move to a second shift position for 30 days to help with a quality control issue. The employee is adamant and moves into reactance—they are no longer listening to you or open to your influence.

Say, “So I understand that you are unwilling to move to second shift, is that right?”

They will probably be startled that you repeated their position back to them without comment or argument. Once you have their agreement that you have stated their position correctly, move to the second step.

Source: https://mastermindsleadership.com/

Antonyms: amendable, flexible

Adverb: adamantly

Farsi: جسم جامد و سخت ، مقاوم ، يکدنده ، تزلزل ناپذير

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