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Froward Meaning & Synonyms from 601 Words You Need

Froward meaning and synonyms borrowed from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam ideal for SAT & GRE candidates with clear illustrations and images in real context. Practice listening and reading comprehension with the word froward.

/ˈfrəʊəd/ (adj)

Froward meaning

(of a person) difficult to deal with, stubbornly uncontrollable, wayward, unruly, disobedient, intransigent, contrary, intractable, perverse, restive


When children are unruly or froward it can be stressful for their parents and caregivers – and an indication that the child is upset, fearful, or confused. Handling an unruly child takes some skill and strategy, but you can work together with the child so that she can learn better self-control and you can both feel more calm more often. Remember that it is the child’s behavior that is the problem – not the child. Be sure that unruly children feel aware that you love them and that you see them in a positive light despite their disruptive behavior. You should never hit or spank a child, and you should never shake or hit a baby in any way.

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obedient, submissive

Parts of speech

Noun: frowardness

Adverb: frowardly

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