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Disrupt 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27

Disrupt 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27

/dɪsˈrʌpt/ (verb)

to prevent someone or something from continuing their natural progressive course, thwart, obstruct, disturb, perturb, mess up, interrupt, upset, dislocate, disorder, interfere with, unsettle

Of course, even when you take steps to prevent disruptive behavior you can never guarantee a disruption-free class because some students would try to disrupt the academic class activities. Generally, it is as well to give any sort of disruptive student the minimum attention necessary because time focused on disruptive behavior is time that is not being spent on facilitating learning. Also, there is a danger of drawing other students into the situation who will then escalate the disruption. The golden rule of dealing with disruptive behavior is never to do anything that will make the situation worse. Below are suggestions for dealing with the most common types of disruptive behavior.


Antonym: facilitate

Adjective: disruptive

Adverb: disruptively

Noun: disruption

Noun: disrupter

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