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Branding | A Presentation in English

Branding | A Presentation in English

Branding | A Presentation in English

LELB Lecturer: Sasan

Listen to this presentation.

Questions about the Presentation:

  1. Why do people have a great tendency to purchase special brands?
  2. How can we make a brand famous?
  3. What do people feel when they wear expensive clothes?
  4. Why do companies make any necessary attempt to build a remarkable reputation for their services?
  5. Explain about the business technique of selling masses to masses.
  6. Discuss the 3 main considerations that are figuratively located at the 3 points of the pyramid of any successful business.
  7. Why is advertisement so crucial for the success of any business?
  8. What did MRI scans prove about the use of Adidas products in the brains of its fans?
  9. Why should you care about the way you get dressed?
  10. Why are there so many people who are interested in torn jeans?

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