Haggle Definition in Context with Images

Haggle definition in context with images and synonyms as a business term in English from Vocabulary for the College-bound Student. Learn the word, haggle, in authentic examples and with illustrations. /ˈhæg.ļ/ (noun & verb) Haggle definition Verb: to argue over the price or cost of something or a service between the salesman and the customer … Read more

Caveat Emptor Definition in Context 601 Words

Caveat emptor definition in authentic context to practice reading comprehension and vocabulary improvement at the same time from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam for advanced learners of English. /ˌkæv.i.ætˈemp.tɔːʳ/ (noun) Caveat emptor definition a commercial term that says that a buyer is responsible for the quality of the … Read more

Redeem 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 36

Redeem 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 36 /rɪˈdiːm/ (verb) to trade in or exchange, buy something back, convert, cash in – compensate for, restore, make amends for, redress, make up for, save – set free, exempt, release, liberate, rescue, emancipate Redeeming your mortgage You may want to pay off your mortgage before the end of … Read more

Repetition 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 29

Repetition 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 29 /ˌrep.əˈtɪʃ.ən/ (noun) the act of repeating something, retelling, reiteration, recurrence, echoing, echo, replication, duplication, parroting, repeating, repeat, reverberation Repeating keywords in a paragraph is an important technique for achieving cohesion. Of course, careless or excessive repetition is boring—and a source of clutter. But used skillfully and selectively, as … Read more

IELTS Essay on Brand Loyalty | IELTS Essay Writing Task 2

IELTS Essay on Brand Loyalty – IELTS Writing Task 2 IELTS Essay on Brand Loyalty – IELTS Writing Task 2 Some people become committed to a particular brand and make repeated purchases over time from the same brand. Brand loyalty has become a social concern, particularly among the young. What is your viewpoint about this phenomenon and how do you … Read more