Reading Practice on Pyramids of Egypt for Young Learners

Practice reading and listening comprehension on pyramids of Egypt suitable for young learners. Improve your vocabulary in context with illustrated words and listen to any word or text by selecting it. Pyramids of Egypt Grand tombs and gateways to the afterlife — the pyramids of Egypt are among the world’s most magnificent monuments. Their massive … Read more

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2 comments on “Reading Practice on Pyramids of Egypt for Young Learners”

  1. Dear Dr.Hariri,
    I have two questions:
    1. What does this phrase mean? ( what kind of pills are you on?)
    Does it mean, what kind of pills are you taking?
    And my next question is that what does it mean if one’s career is taking off?

    • Hi dear Armaghan,
      Good to see you leaving comments here!
      Please keep doing that.
      In response to your first question, you’re right. it means what kind of pills or medications are you taking?
      About your second question, if your career or product takes off, it means they become very successful all of a sudden or they flourish.

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