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Coffer GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Coffer GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈkɒf.əʳ/ (noun & verb)


Noun: a large strongbox to keep your money and other valuable assets, treasury, chest, war chest, money chest, cash box, casket, money box, treasure chest

Verb: to store valuables including money in a coffer or strongbox – decorate something especially ceilings with coffers


From the earliest days, humans have furnished their dwellings with the items they needed to survive and over the centuries the wooden chest, storage boxes, coffers, and trunks have become the most common piece of furniture found in the home. Over time the simple storage chest has evolved into different styles and been modified for different uses: wooden boxes, storage chests, tool chests, treasure chests, blanket boxes and steamer trunks. Wooden chests and trunks have become the most useful, and most versatile piece in furniture’s history.


Parts of speech

Noun: coffers: money, funds, resources, finances, wealth, capital

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