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Definition of Quintessence in Real Context

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Definition of Quintessence in authentic or real context with expressive images for ESL / EFL learners with synonyms, antonyms and collocations

/kwɪnˈtes.əns/ (noun)


the embodiment of something or the purest or most typical example of something, archetype, paragon, epitome, essence, personification, heart, prototype, soul, perfect example, exemplar, stereotype

in chemistry: the purest extract or essence of a substance, crux, kernel, marrow

In ancient philosophy: the fifth element after water, air, fire and earth


American football, ice hockey, rugby, and boxing are the quintessence of violent sports. Their status is a frightening indication of the flowering of violence in sports in the 21st century, booming to a level unknown since ancient Greece and Rome. In the ancient Mediterranean, the audiences both in the Greek East and in the Roman West mutually enjoyed Greek athletic contests and Roman spectacles. Roman chariot races were famous for their fatal collisions, and gladiatorial battles were also held in the chariot ‘circus’ venues, as well as in arenas, and even in Greek theaters throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

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Parts of speech

Adjective: quintessential

Adverb: quintessentially

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