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Apotheosis Definition in Context – 601 Words

Apotheosis definition in real context from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with synonyms and images to achieve deep learning. Improve your advanced vocabulary and practice reading at the same time.

/əˌpɒθ.iˈəʊ.sɪs/ (noun)

Apotheosis definition

  1. the best example of something, the highest level of glory or power, paragon, epitome
  2. making someone into deity, lionize, idolize


King of Pop is a compilation album by American singer and recording artist Michael Jackson, known as the apotheosis of pop music, released in commemoration of his 50th birthday in 2008. The title comes from the Michael Jackson acquired approximately 20 years earlier.

Source of example:


aversion, hatred

Parts of speech

Verb: apotheosize

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