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Direct Quotations in APA Style | Research Conduction

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Direct Quotations in APA Style

Direct quotations in APA Style obey some special rules that are discussed in this article.

  • Give page numbers for direct quotes. E.g., Smith (1978) noted that “the world is round” (p.   5).
  • While using et al., you should use a plural verb because et al. in Latin means and others.
  • Remember not to mention first names exactly similar to citations. That is, you should always use last names.
  • Three or four quotes in a 10-page paper is above the upper limit.
  • Quotations with more than 40 words: Display them as free-standing blocks of text indented five spaces from the left margin (double spaced as usual). Omit the quotation marks and include the page number in parentheses after the last period. Also, if the quotation is more than one paragraph, indent the line of the second and any additional paragraphs five spaces.

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