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Disheveled 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 2

Disheveled 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 2

Disheveled 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 2

/dɪˈʃev.əld/ (adj)

(of people and their appearance) very untidy and slovenly, unkempt, disordered, messy, sloppy, uncombed, ruffled, scruffy, unruly

“Did you have a rough night?” when an employee arrives to work late, disheveled and with bloodshot eyes, you could say, “I notice that you were not at your desk when I expected you to be here, and your eyes are red.”

Provide an opportunity for the employee to explain the behaviour. As noted above, some behaviours that may look like impairment can result from other conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, side effects of medication, low blood sugar, concussion, heat stroke, etc.). The employee’s explanation should be documented.


Antonym: neat, tidy, well-groomed

Verb: dishevel

Noun: dishevelment

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