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Embellish 1100 Words You Need Week 16 Day 3

Embellish 1100 Words You Need

/ɪmˈbel.ɪʃ/ (verb)

to decorate and make something more beautiful by adding something else to it, beautify, ornament, embroider, elaborate, overdo, gild the lily:

Returning with the ultra-feminine cocktail dress this Spring/ Summer 2018, designed in asymmetrical drapery along the waistline, the finely structured dress is embellished with sequins, branches embroideries and 3D delicate flowers. The look is completed with a blooming flower bolero jacket.

Source: https://kellyngcouture.com/

Embellished denim jacket in orange and turquoise in Ibiza style. This amazing jean jacket in light blue is decorated with a fabric with flowers and butterflies at the backside. Beside that it has a very unique wide trim at the top, fringes below it and other ribbons.

Source: https://www.catenabags.com

The details Lochte initially embellished — about a gun being cocked against his forehead, for example — drew the attention of Rio authorities, who met with the swimmers to take statements and begin their own investigation, which quickly morphed into Rio authorities alleging at a news conference that the swimmers had filed a false police report. Authorities later said that only Lochte and Jimmy Feigen had made false statements to police, and the other two, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Condor, were regarded as witnesses.

At the news conference, however, Rio authorities also offered an embellished account. Rio police chief Fernando Veloso characterized the athletes’ actions at the gas station as vandalism, alleging they had broken into the restroom and vandalized a soap dispenser and mirror. Those allegations heightened media portrayals of the four swimmers as obnoxious Americans behaving recklessly late at night in a foreign country and Lochte was pilloried in media reports around the world.

Antonyms: denude, simplify

Noun: embellishment

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