Overwrought GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Overwrought GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˌəʊ.vəˈrɔːt/ (adj) Definition in a state of being nervous, upset and apprehensive, anxious, restive, on edge, overexcited, tense, distraught, stressed, agitated, edgy – strained, overworked, overdone, elaborate, ornate Example Hoarseness is a general term that can encompass a wide range of sounds, such as a raspy or breathy voice. While hoarseness … Read more

Convoluted GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Convoluted GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈkɒn.və.luː.tɪd/ (adj) Definition twisted and difficult to understand, perplexing, baffling, extremely intricate, elaborate, long-winded, knotty, complex, tangled, complicated, labyrinthine, Byzantine, tortuous Example Be Yourself: Originality is key to having a flawless presentation. Being your best doesn’t mean emulating someone but being the best version of yourself. When giving a presentation, you … Read more

Embellish 1100 Words You Need Week 16 Day 3

Embellish 1100 Words You Need /ɪmˈbel.ɪʃ/ (verb) to decorate and make something more beautiful by adding something else to it, beautify, ornament, embroider, elaborate, overdo, gild the lily: Returning with the ultra-feminine cocktail dress this Spring/ Summer 2018, designed in asymmetrical drapery along the waistline, the finely structured dress is embellished with sequins, branches embroideries … Read more

IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 8

IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 8 Writing Task Topic: With an increasing population communicating via the internet and text messaging, face-to-face communication will become a thing of the past. To what extent do you agree? In modern society, people have more choices ways to communicate each other such as face-to-face, letters, emails, telephones … Read more