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English Classes on Discord

English Classes on for &

English Classes on Discord

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Every night, from 8:30 to 9:00 pm – Iran Standard TimeCheck Iran’s time here.

LELB Society is one of the leading online academies that opt for the software program, Discord, to hold its in English.

What is Discord?

Discord is a proprietary freeware  () application designed for gaming communities, that specializes in text, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, Mac OS, , and in web browsers. As of May 2018, there are 130 million unique users of the software.

How to Join Our on Discord?

Follow the instructions below to download, install and customize Discord for our online classes in English.

Download Discord for our online classes on your PC, Mac or smartphone.

Click here to join LELB Society’s server on Discord.

Create a free account on Discord.

Customize your account on Discord, including your voice settings.

Mute your microphone on Discord when you do not speak.

Discord How to Mute Your Microphone LELB Society

See your friends on Discord, or invite them to our channel.

Chat with your classmates in the class.

Watch this video to enable push to talk.

Watch this video to join our Discord server.

Click here to join our server on Discord.

How to Activate on Discord?

First, log in to your Discord account. Then in your Discord application, click on the gear-shaped icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen to customize your settings. After that, select Voice & Video Settings on the left side. Afterwards, under the tab of Input Mode, select “Push to Talk” instead of Voice Activation. Then you need to assign a key on your keyboard (shortcut) to push when you want to talk. Finally, apply the settings and close the window.

Remember that you should press the selected key when you want to talk, and stop pressing the key when you’re done with talking.

Contact us to register for our IELTS and TOEFL class on Discord:

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