English Conversation 47: Generation Gap

  • English Conversation 47:  
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  1. Is it possible to completely the two generations? Why? (Hossein Hariri)
  2. Why differences between generations, these days, are more than one hundred years ago? (Taraneh)
  3. What is the greatest differences between generations anyway? (Tarane)

Listening Practice: 

: invited Invited in a Conference
File Name: Kids’ Advice to Parents
1. What could be the title of this ?
2. What was the ’s advice, and why?
3. Why Has Mr. Jim Rohn been invited as a lecturer?
4. What’s the meaning of ‘ children’?

IELTS Interview

Brainstorm over the following question in 1 minute so that you can answer it completely in 2 minutes.

Question: Try to come up with some solutions to optimize the gap between the two generations.

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