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Best English Presentation on Generation Gap

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English presentation on generation gap

Reading practice on generation gap

What Is A Generation Gap?

Reading practice on generation gap with flashcards at LELB Society for IELTS candidates

Since time is ever moving forward and change is inevitable, the values, tastes and outlook on life are different with each generation. It is this difference that is called a generation gap. This often causes a lack of communication and understanding between the two generations since their view of the world was coloured by how society functioned during their adolescence.


Spend more time together


Irrespective of whether you enjoy your parents’ company or not, try spending more quality time with them. You can go for a football match or whichever sport your dad is fond of or you could join your mother for an evening walk. This will make you as well as your parents enjoy each other’s company and it will help you in bridging the distance. What to teach your parents your sports lingo? Well, there are many interesting sports activities that you can teach them about and try together someday!


Keep an open mind

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The way that kids think is different from how parents do. Parents often feel like because they have already been the age their child is currently, that they understand how their child thinks. The truth is, the world and way of life were different then than it is now and their mind-set will be very different and can also be shocking for some parents. This is why keeping an open mind and not assuming that they must be just like you were at their age is very important.

You must also understand that there are some things that are acceptable in society and therefore acceptable to your child that may not have been acceptable when you were the same age. It is especially in those areas where parents need to try and keep an open mind so they can better understand their children.


Generation gap in the workplace

English Question on Paid Work with flashcards and podcast for IELTS and TOEFL candidates

Young people can avoid heartache by listening to the voice of experience, whereas older people can learn to “roll with the punches,” as the younger generations tend to do. This can come back to the workforce, wherein young people often move around between several jobs in their lifetime. Advice given by older people in the same field of work can be extremely valuable, especially when it comes to avoiding unprecedented failure. At the same time, the rigidity of the older generations’ work structure can find the flexibility of the younger generation beneficial.


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