English Conversation: Alzheimer

LELB Alzheimer


  1. Discuss some important tips on preventing or slowing down the Alzheimer’s Disease. (Hariri)
  2. How does it feel to live with an Alzheimer’s person? How can we cope with him or her? (Taraneh)
  3. How can it be recognized? (Taraneh)
  4. Do you have anyone who suffer from Alzheimer disease in your family? (Taraneh)

Listening Comprehension:

Listen to this audio file and try to answer the following questions:

  1. What is ?
  2. What happens if you lose your memory?
  3. What happened to the case, HM?
  4. What is the function of ?
  5. What was wrong with Henry?
  6. What happened to Henry after having that ?
  7. Why was he surprised upon seeing himself into the mirror after several years from his operation?

IELTS Interview

Brainstorm over the following question in 1 minute so that you can answer it completely in 2 minutes.


How would you react if you notice that you are developing some symptoms of Alzheimer?

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