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English Essay 35: Crying

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Human’s behaviour patterns are deeply rooted in their culture, interest and moods they live in and opt for themselves. Crying is categorised according to one of the psychologically usual behaviours that people can respond to in many various situations they may encounter. Although some people point out that crying amongst others illustrates one’s weakness, many others believe that it almost always helps people to get rid of many negative feelings and . It is widely believed that through crying, individuals may release all and tension, and experience better moods and feelings.
Firstly, releasing stress, sadness and hurt by crying is the natural response of the body regarding and physical aspects whether people are alone or amongst others or intimate friends. For instance, when one experiences a natural disaster or one of his or her family members passes away, they suffer deep sadness and tend to develop a complex without crying. On this particular occasion, crying is a must, because people should release their sadness and pay more attention to their own instead of others’ thoughts.
Furthermore, after crying people sense much better feelings that have been proved by academicians. At the end of crying, some hormones are secreted in the blood stream in order to physical and mental health. A better is the consequence of the crying process, which helps people to have a strong and good to deal with tough situations. To be more precise, washing and eliminating eyes from likely toxins and invasive agents, and also more importantly the dysfunction of lacrimal glands should be considered to be really helpful. Thus, with all these benefits of crying, how can people ignore their health and assess themselves based on other people’s unimportant cultural values?
To conclude, by the help of releasing sadness and gaining better moods by crying as a usual human behaviour, people could experience a better and healthy life with paying no attention to other people’s ways of thinking. It is felt that they should place their health considerations first and then pay careful attention to their cultural values, which have been psychologically proven. 354

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