Dudgeon Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words You Need

Dudgeon definition and synonyms with images and illustrations from the book 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your exam used in authentic context and real examples for SAT & GRE candidates. /ˈdʌdʒ.ən/ (noun) Dudgeon definition if you do something in high dudgeon, you do it in an angry and furious manner, resentment, pique, … Read more

Ambivalent Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words

Ambivalent definition and synonyms from the coursebook 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in real and authentic context for GRE & SAT candidates. Improve reading and listening comprehension and learn the meaning of ambivalent. /æmˈbɪv.ə.lənt/ (adj) Ambivalent definition having or showing two opposing or conflicting feelings at the same time, equivocal, … Read more

احساس Meaning in Farsi – Learn Persian Online

احساس Meaning in Farsi احساس Meaning in Farsi /ehsās’/ (noun) English: feeling, perception, sense Farsi: حس کردن، درک، دریافتن Verb: احساس کردن Examples: .پویا نسبت به قبولی در امتحان احساس خوبی نداشت Pouya did not feel good about passing the exam. .نسرین بعد از تصادف احساس درد شدیدی در کمرش داشت Nasrin felt a sharp … Read more

Sixth Sense – IELTS Speaking Practice

Sixth Sense – IELTS Speaking practice Sixth Sense – IELTS Speaking Practice Please note that the necessity of completing your 2 assignments lies in the fact that our conversation in the class is on the basis of your questions and replies. Argue for/against:  Please take an either positive or negative position to the statement below. … Read more