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English Essay 39: Violence

Published on December 25th, 2015 | Last updated on May 31st, 2019 by | Category: IELTS Essay Writing Practice | No Comments on English Essay 39: Violence | 107 Views | Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Edited Version:
Nowadays, violence, alongside significant progress in technology, has unfortunately increased. The ubiquity of this phenomenon can be seen in any societies without any exception. Although some people think that the phenomenon is linked to human genes inextricably, others believe that interacting with perverted people is the salient reason for the existence of violence. It is widely agreed that both aforementioned sides have their own proportion in every society.
Firstly, genes as an inherent accelerator can internally and spontaneously encourage individuals to develop violent behaviours. Violent parents cannot inherit healthy and well-arranged genes to their own baby owing to a collection of abnormal genes, which are mutated by enormous extravagant behaviours from all walks of life. Moreover, parents’ violent behaviours during pregnancy, for instance, may shape the genes of the fetus at an earlier stage. Babies are unbelievably vulnerable in a heavily destructive family atmosphere in which the drunk father and the abusive mother are struggling upon anything. Thus, this heavy ambience proves that nurture has a vital role for any family as a building block for the whole society.
Perverted people, additionally, act as an external intensifier that can increase the level of violence spontaneously. For examples, norms and cultural values in any chamber societies can be disturbed by wrongdoers’ thoughts and actions. This leads to having more juvenile delinquency and crimes that are truly destructive for any members living in any societies. In addition, the feelings of safety and security have faded away from every community as a by-product of Perverted people’s actions.
To conclude, violence is deeply rooted in both nurture and nature. It is felt that both these parametres can contribute to each other in order to form this unpleasant phenomenon. 284

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