English Essay 36: Dreams

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Throughout history, people have dreamt about numerous ambitions in their sleep regarding prediction future events. The scientific interpretation of sleep often helps scientists to explore and scrutinise the psychological structure of our mind when it is impossible in reality. It is believed that scientific sleep interpretation is one of the salient fields of psychology in order to examine people’s psychological aspect and the unseen world owing to no connection between physical and spiritual aspects of humans during sleep.
To begin with, many experts, in the field of sleep interpretation, acknowledge “True Dreams”, which can be seen during sleep, butthey are about some future events that do not occur in the reality. As this shows, the spiritual dimension may travel in the unseen world according to people’s imagination, which may create either possible or impossible events during the days. Thus, humans’ desires and wishes are the best sources of their own dreams.
No boundaries in time and place, nonetheless, makes the state of sleep a great virtual place in terms of travelling around the world in no time based on thoughts collection, which people may fabricate on their daily routines. Sometimes people are not able to cope with some psychological problems and then by the precise interpretation of their sleep, experts can distinguish the real causes of their , the real root of their wishes and inclination. Hence, this is a unique approach for one who does not have the sufficient level of self-knowledge and psychological problem-solving skills.
To conclude, our spiritual aspect experiences a wide variety of different things during sleep just because of no temporal and special limitation that people have in the real world. It is felt that by scientific sleep interpretation, psychologists can have an extraordinary access to people’s unseen world through their sleep dreams. 300

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