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English Question about Gaining Fame for Discussion

Published on December 29th, 2019 | Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 by | Category: Speaking Practice in English | 6 Comments on English Question about Gaining Fame for Discussion | 149 Views | Reading Time: 1 minute

English Question about gaining fame

English Question about gaining fame

Are honors more likely to come to those who seek them or those who don’t care about fame and think only of their work? How much do fame and accomplishment impress you? Does just knowing you’ve accomplished something worthwhile mean as much to you as getting attention and praise for the accomplishment?

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6 comments on “English Question about Gaining Fame for Discussion”

  1. 1_ those who don’t care about fame are really special. So I’m gonna go with those that don’t care about fame.
    2_fame and accomplishment really impress me.
    3_yes it does , very much.

    • You said that you plan to follow or imitate those who don’t care about fame, however, face impresses you a lot. I see a conflict or paradox here.

  2. I think doing our job and responsibilities in the best possible way is more important than catching other people’s attention and admiration. Doing our best and accomplishing our duties can bring a sense of self-satisfaction and self-satisfaction leads to everlasting joy which by itself acts as an incentive that propels us more and more forward and this by own eventually most of the time leads to fame and fortune.

    • I totally agree. We should not try very hard to achieve fame and popularity as in English, we say, “easy come, easy go”. Fame and popularity are the byproducts of our behavior and habits.

  3. I believe that true honor comes with popularity. And if someone does his/her job right and is a trustworthy human then automatically others like them as well.

    • That’s absolutely right. We have a famous maxim in English that reads “respect should be earned, not given”, and it means that we should truly deserve the genuine respect we receive from others.

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