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English Vocabulary about City Life


She had to leave her own beloved family and go abroad to complete her education.


Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in the bumper-to-bumper traffic.


The train was packed with commuters.


an idyllic village in the Yorkshire Dales

In the countryside

People who live in the countryside


Are there any species of frog indigenous to the area?


The war has badly damaged the country’s infrastructure.


These remote islands are inhabited only by birds and small animals.


Mexican farm workers migrate into the US each year to find work at harvest time.


It’s difficult to solve all municipal issues and problems in large cities.

The pedestrian wearing headphones was hit on the crosswalk by a careless driver.

We won’t invest in any company that pollutes the environment.

Ten per cent of the population lived in poverty.

This is the bustling commercial quarter of the city.
a remote mountain village

The area is still very rural and undeveloped.

My doctor says I should start playing sport because my lifestyle is too sedentary.

I was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour yesterday.

The hotel is in a tranquil rural setting.

urban development

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