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English Vocabulary about Work and Business

English Vocabulary about Work and Business

English Vocabulary about Work and Business


She works as a school administrator.


I won’t be giving them any more work – they’re a bunch of amateurs.


When you’ve been climbing alone for hours, there’s a tremendous sense of camaraderie when you meet another climber.

We’re entertaining some colleagues of Ben’s tonight.

Desk clerk

The desk clerk greeted us warmly with a radiant smile.


The number of employees in the company has trebled over the past decade.

Get the axe

100 workers are facing the axe in a cost-cutting exercise.

Life insurance

A large proportion of my entire salary is spent on my life insurance.


The merger proved to be very lucrative for both companies.


It’s fairly menial work, such as washing dishes and cleaning floors.


I’ve managed to negotiate (= obtain by discussion) a five per cent pay increase with my boss.

Per capita

France and Germany invest far more per capita in public transport than Britain.


He works hard but he’s paid a pittance.


Some students might enter some professions that have nothing to do with their education.


The interview made it clear who was qualified and who was unsuitable for the job among so many job applicants.


They demanded adequate remuneration for their work.


She resigned from her job as an accountant after becoming a mother.


The job that he has is just a sinecure. He is overpaid and reaps so many advantages.

Team spirit

This job requires you to develop an optimum level of team spirit.


Linda has achieved her comfortable life only after years of hard toil.


At the age of 40, he finally found his true vocation as a professional blogger.


We only sell wholesale, not to the public.

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  1. Work-patterns:
    1. to do shift work or to work shifts (day shift, night shift)
    2. to be on flexi-time or to work flexi-time
    3. to work nine to five (regular day work)
    4. knock off work (to stop doing, to finish work)
    5. freelance (work for different organizations)
    6. mechanical, repetitive, monotonous ( boring and dull, without any change), to be stuck behind a desk, work in dead-end jobs (with no prospect of promotion)
    7. a glamorous job (attractive and exciting)
    8. to be promoted (get a higher position)
    9. to be a workaholic (love work and do not stop working)
    10. lucrative career (producing a lot of money)

  2. Collocations of words connected with work:
    1. to get/ find work
    2. to do for living
    3. to make a living as a … (earn money to live comfortably)
    4. working relationship (how communicate and work together)
    5. to talk shop (talk about work)
    6. a heavy workload (amount of work somebody have to do)
    7. to apply for a job
    8. to be offer work / a job


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