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Essay 14: Space Exploration Budget

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Topic: Should money be spent on space exploration?

Essayist: Taraneh

It is for decades that human beings are so curious about the outer space. In addition, they would even rather scarify their lives to gain knowledge about it. In my book, it is in man’s nature to explore their environment. So what is wrong with a little swirling through the space?

First, the cost of space exploration is not that high. In addition, we can make money through this and spend it for our needs. For example, Velcro and non-stick pans were invented as a result of our discoveries in space. Second, in space exploration, we may find not only a place to live on in the future, but also our mineral supplies. It means that we can find our natural resources in other planets and even water for our own use.

Because of these reasons, I don’t see eye to eye with the counter argument that some people raise that says: “while we have so many needy and homeless, why should we spend money on the space.” Whoever believes this, has not yet grasped the importance of this exploration. Above all, we cannot dominate the earth as long as we do not have a broad view of our environment.

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Essayist: Hajar

While the world encounters economic crisis, investment in space exploration seems necessary. Many people believe that the cost of space exploration can be used to improve other aspect of human life such as health, nutrition, education, etc., but in my view there are some noticeable factors in the following that give importance to investment in space exploration. Firstly, the countries all around the world can work together to reduce the cost of space exploration and earn is advantages. To illustrate, humans have a great chance to find out some essential minerals and materials in the outer space. More to the point, scientists need information about the earth atmosphere for some activities such as meteorology and geology. Also, knowing the time and place of the crash of celestial objects to the earth is necessary to predict unexpected events happening around the earth and come up with a safe response. In addition, international communication is expanded via sending satellites into the earth orbit. Moreover, monitoring the earth from distance from space can detect forest fires, oil spills, etc. Ultimately, in spite of the concern, people in poor countries suffering from diseases, malnutrition and acute starvation, whether the high cost on space exploration is waste of money. However, contrary to popular belief, the progress of space exploration has great influence on the development of industry, medical tools, aerospace information and international cooperation. So, investment in space exploration is not only wrong but also it could help to improve our lives on earth.

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Essayist: Sasan

Human beings have always made any endeavor to push back the boundaries of knowledge and science. In the modern era, space exploration has fired scientists’ enthusiasm. However, some take issues with this view and claim more pressing needs be at the top of the list. Overall, I accord with the former perspective. Multifarious points could shore up my vantage point. First and foremost, shortage of energy has always been a matter of concern, thereby making mankind search for alternatives, and a proposed resolution for this situation is having access to other planets. Apart from that, humans, for survival, have to keep an eye on the earth. To illustrate, mankind ought to be aware of any dangers which menace humans’ lives. For instance, landing meteorites on the earth is considered a threat to human beings, and observing space by means of satellites is a preventative measure for this menace. Hence, digging into space could bring gains for the sake of humans. On the contrary, some have conflicting views. They believe that enormous people in poor countries are suffering from malnutrition, famine, etc., which should be dealt with first. However, I do not think it is a persuasive reason for halting space exploration, and there ought to be a balance among expenditures on different issues. Consequently, both helping the indigent and space exploration hold their own significance, and none of them had better be belittled. To recapitulate, space exploration could bring enormous benefits for mankind, and under no circumstances should it be undervalued.

Essayist: Sam

In recent years, there have been more and more countries involved in space projects. The value of space projects has been disputed. It is widely agreed that government funding should be diverted towards space research, which will be juxtaposed by analyzing the both sides.

To begin with, every year, the huge sums of money are spent on space exploration that is really unnecessary for countries, which have profound financial difficulties. The living standard of the needy is a pivotal reason. The Establishment of those countries should focus upon their main challenges such as establishing a well-organised health care system.

The Earth, nonetheless, is facing some serious resource problems, which can be dealt with by discovering new types of resources on other planets. The scarcity of natural resources is an intensive issue that should not be ignored. For instance, some rare metal such as gold, copper and iron are becoming less and less for expanding heavy industry. In addition to search for a shelter for coming generations, space programs contribute to the well-being of Earth in so many current issues including monitoring the ozone holes and other environmental threats to human. Thus, space exploration can provide new platform in a variety of fields, agriculture for example.

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