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Essay 24:

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August 31, 2015

In fact, as the new generation of “smart” robots, armed with greater intelligence and flexibility, manufacturer are more likely to replace them with workers because they are most cost effective. I think that the number of high-tech machines is expected to rise dramatically in the coming decades because thinking machines become more intelligent, versatile, and flexible.

Initially, the general rates of technological progress are always imprecise, but it is fair to say that compared with the past, progress today comes rapidly. Especially, these rates of progress are included in the creation of intelligent machines like robots, automobiles and drones. Therefore, high-tech machines will soon dominate the global economy and in the process drive down

the value of human labor with surprising speed. Besides, machine intelligence is already having a major effect on the value of work. To illustrate, today, the robots and smart machines are only capable of doing the work of a person of average intelligence. Suppose that this rate of technological progress raises the IQ of these machines per year, these machines will have an IQ greater than human in the future. Furthermore, computers are going to trump people since the rates of technological progress

and they will be smarter than people. Not just better at doing sums than human but they will be able to understand what we say, learn from experience, etc. Therefore, computers will be able to do better all the things that humans do. For example, Google is truly the massive collection of data that the world has never seen before; it seems the greatest artificial intelligence laboratory on Earth.
Overall, a technology revolution is fast replacing human beings with machines in every sector of industry and science. Already, millions of workers have been eliminated from the economic process. Also, job assignments have been restructured or disappeared. (301 word, 50 min)

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September 1, 2015

Although seeing technical devices in books and movies which they might rise against people is exciting, the readers and audience may feel worried about the reality facet of these stories. I personally believe that it is unlikely people‘s inventions stay in front of them.

Firstly, in spite of people’s wishes to have modern robots, we are far from the completely intelligent machines. To more illustration, people stay on first steps of improvement in science. There are several unknown aspects of pure knowledge that fast cent problems in making intelligent machines. For instance, simulating every simple movement in human’s bodies by machines needs several algorithms, programing, coding ,wires and combination all the movements needs more complex algorithms too.

Secondly, from technical viewpoints, since modern machines have huge memories’ capacity and fast central processing unit, these facilities provide humans with fast processing and store numerous information. Although these are deniable and effective abilities that facilitate some difficulties, people are more flexible in action and movement compare with modern machines. For instance, recently in some restaurants, robots have been working as a waiter or waitress. Though seeing high-tech machines are fascinated customers, they are much slower than workforce.

Finally, some scientists believe that if people adequately improve in science and make absolutely professional machines, they will face lack of sprit in their creatures compare with humans. They claim that science must know more and more about human’s abilities to make devices quite look like them.

In conclusion, due the reasons mentioned above, I would argue that technical machines have not been able to be a threat to humans and they will be hardworking slaves forever.

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September 2, 2015
 Revised Version:

In today’s world, dreams come true even beyond high expectations that human beings had over a decade ago or so. This can be seen that highly acclaimed writers have unique imagination in their books and scenarios that lead people to generate new attainments, which are so destructive by nature. It is believed that for future advancement humans are required to think about various patterns to have a wide variety of truly remarkable technology that does not disturb the balance of their goals as well as surroundings. This will happen by thinking outside the box as well as raising the level of practical creativity.
Looking first at the strategy of thinking outside the box, movie makers and writers need to ponder over every item in some uncommon but efficient ways. As an example, well-informed and open-minded writers can create a fabulous book with some fantasy machines so sophisticated that they would revolutionise the future of related industries, namely cars, aeroplanes and multifaceted corporations. There is no doubt when writers think in their own thinking frame work strangely, they might change the people’s minds who have curiosity or thirst for inventing things that should be beneficial, not jeopardise human resources nowadays, let alone coming generations.
Writers’ creativity, nevertheless, should be considered and developed as a significant ability in order to create whatever their imagination will conduct people in a real world and a friendly way. Creative ideas of writers plus inventors are the sole sources of improvement in any dimensions. This invaluable source brings about change much far from the dire consequences of highly intelligent machines. Thus, these days, reintroducing more friendly machines in which they are designed for lending a hand not supervise humans is the best indicator that humans should be deviated from their track that was followed in the last millennia.

To conclude, as it has been shown that some fancy books and scenarios are real indicator for humans becoming more and more labour in distant future instead of be a shrewd boss. It is felt that by following the previous trend, replacing enormous high-tech machines by human beings in distant future is so self-explanatory and inevitable. (Words: 358, 55 min)

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