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Essay on Immigration for Education

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Essay on immigration for education written by LELB Society students

Topic: These days, many students prefer to continue their education in foreign countries. There are certainly a number of advantages and disadvantages in immigration for education. Discuss the pros and cons of this topic.

LELB Society’s Student: Lobat

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Immigration for education is not a new phenomenon, but people have different views about it. While there are advantages to studying abroad, there are some disadvantages which some people mention.

On the one hand, some people believe that there are fruitful to immigrating for education. From their point of view, foreign universities have modern facilities that play a vital role in effective study. Such as high-tech laboratories, up-to-date libraries with rich resources that help students to study efficient.

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It is also maintained that the level of science is much higher compared with most of the universities in undeveloped countries. For instance, professors and lecturers who graduate from accredited universities teach students. Therefore, pupils learn subjects from the number one tutors. Furthermore, since developed countries accept international students, it is a good chance for students to communicate with different cultures. So, it helps people to improve their social abilities.

An essay on immigration for education

On the other hand, some experts argue that there are negative to moving abroad to study. To begin with, students are far from their home, and they suffer from homesickness. It leads to be reluctant to study hard and may result to less scores in their examinations. Besides, from a cultural perspective, although facing different cultures raise social awareness about communication, it brings about confusing and negative attitude towards other cultures.

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To illustrate more, students from underdeveloped countries may tolerate various behavior and feel less self-steam. Finally, most of the students who immigrate abroad for education may move forever and their countries are deprived of having access to their qualified students. It will be a serious threat to underdeveloped countries that miss their experienced workforce and developed countries benefit from skilled foreigner workforce.

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In conclusion, although moving abroad for education has some advantages, it has some disadvantages too. I personally believe that it depends on individuals to choose study in their countries or going abroad with facing all of their pros and cons.

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