Essay 8:


Essayist: Sam


Throughout history, people live everywhere they are able to make suitable life for themselves. Having a nice feeling is a key point whether one opts for city or country life. These days, it is refuted that urban life can guarantee one’s life satisfaction regarding the most important aspects of life in the public interest; on the other hand, a few other people just prefer to live in cities. This will be proven by analysing how easily country residents can take full advantages of their own community.
To begin with, after the industerilised era, people’s tendency has grown towards rural areas. Myriads of factor can make a good contribution to improve life standard such as tranquil life, esprit de corps and pure and clean weather. These features make it clear that people are really exhausted by those inevitable difficulties in urban places and they want to live in peace instead of living in the high pace and stress of urban life from which they try to escape even on their weekend or at their holidays. Therefore, the real concept of rural areas is like a piece of diamond in the current era that people are so enthusiastic about around the globe.

Essayist: Taraneh

Nowadays, life is more complicated than decades before. Finding a job is so much harder and it will be more difficult while the population is growing, but in large cities you have more opportunities. Moreover, there are better facilities such as good transportation systems there. So the immigration to larger cities is increasing every year. Other advantages of cities are the friends and families that are nearer to you. As a result of these points, I prefer city life to country life.
In large cities, there are more jobs available. In spite of the population growth, there are more chances of employment in big companies with enough salary. Also you can find greater range of jobs such as, executive assistant, office manager, software engineer, etc. that is rare in other places. In addition, cities offer high consideration of good things like big stores, good theaters and cinemas, good libraries and book stores, high qualify restaurants, furthermore, big universities with good professors, you can find plenty of public and private hospital with professional doctors and physician. Another reason that I prefer larger cities is that you can be near your friends and families, because it’s fun to have your friends nearby and never cut off by bad weather condition or a long distance. So I think the opportunity for succession is a lot more in larger cities.

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