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Essay on Negative News for IELTS + Analysis

Essay on negative news for IELTS with full essay question and essay model submitted to us by our students. Practice essay writing for IELTS in the most practical way ever, and improve your grammar knowledge, essay writing skills, etc.

Essay question on negative news

Nowadays, the main part of the news we are exposed to in the mass media is bad and negative news, such as natural disasters, crimes, wars, and the like.

Why do you think we have more bad news compared to good news?

Do you think the news agencies should report a balance of both bad and good news equally?

IELTS essay on negative news

Nowadays the main part of news we exposed to in all mass media is bad and negative such as disasters, crimes, wars and the like. It may be related to the human being attitude toward world little by little become more primitive and astonishingly take backward steps to the dark ages of human history on earth. Everyday we as human beings become more greedy and open a new front to exploit other people and nations and even nature. The developed and richer countries want more and struggle to dominate on other nations and natural resources to satiate their insatiable greed and to achieve their goals do not care even to destructing all the world and even natural habitats and wild life. They do not hesitate to do any harsh and savage behavior toward other less powerful countries to dominate over them. There is no a new day that a new war or shadow of war overcast a new part of the world.

  1. Your first paragraph is too long.
  2. news –> the news
  3. we are exposed to
  4. toward the world
  5. becomes
  6. takes steps backward
  7. Every day vs. everyday
  8. greedier
  9. dominate someone or something
  10. “achieve their goals do not care …” –> it’s not understandable perhaps due to being ungrammatical.
  11. destroying
  12. do behavior is not a collocation.
  13. overcasts

At the same time the poor countries and nations most of them suffering from lack of enough knowledge and a well-developed culture are tingling with ethnic prejudice and kill each other and do not have mercy and compassion toward innocent people.

  1. the majority of poor countries and nations
  2. suffering –> why did you use a gerund?
  3. The whole paragraph is basically ungrammatical, especially in terms of verbals and sentence structure. You don’t need to write compound-complex sentences.
  4. The subject of ‘tingle’ must be animate. Tingle is not used in this way.
  5. I had to remove 2 words from your essay. This does not impact your overall score.

Because of that in my opinion even God and nature let us alone to behave like savage creatures. When we as human being do not have mercy on each other why we expect God or nature to be merciful toward us.

  1. Your essay paragraphs had better be independent. Do not make a conclusion in the following paragraph based on the points you make in the previous paragraph.
  2. will leave us alone playing like
  3. This paragraph is too short. The lengths of your paragraphs are widely fluctuating.
  4. human beings
  5. The paragraph is totally irrelevant to the essay question. An IELTS essay is different from a personal composition.

In my opinion and as the last word until we do not change our attitude and behavior as those living creature who consider themselves as successor of God on earth , we must not expect to have better world and life than today. We must be merciful both toward nature and to other inhabitants of the earth and above all to other people to open a new horizon of better and brighter lives and to run a happier life full of joy and every hour good news.

  1. unless
  2. consider –> no ‘as’
  3. the successor
  4. a better world
  5. You’re writing on the topic of “how to make a better world to live in”. Your essay is not straightforward.

Analysis and scoring

  • Analysis
    • Task achievement and grammar should definitely improve. Before writing your essay, you must draw an outline of the most important points to make. Otherwise, you might deviate from the main path.
  • Cohesion and coherence: 12 of 25%
  • Grammatical range and accuracy: 10 of 25%
  • Lexical resources: 18 of 25%
  • Task achievement: 8 of 25%
  • Spelling: Good
  • Punctuation: Below average
  • Word count: “332” Rather too long!
  • Time on Essay Writing: 50 min: 10 minutes more than the allowed time
  • Band score: 4.5 of 9

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