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      How do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Do you generally accept compliments, or do you normally conceive that you don’t really deserve the compliments?

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      In the past it was a bit hard for me to accept compliments, but after a few years, now I am learning to accept them. If I am doing a good job, I will notice that and If someone( a teacher or a friend) says a compliment I can accept it.

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        * if someone says a compliment = if someone gives me a compliment (collocation)
        I concur with you on the role of our conscience in making a judgment on the sincerity of compliments. As a matter of fact, we cannot fool ourselves.

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      I usually express my gratitudes and respect toward who compliments me and sometimes reciprocate. I try not to have bad feeling about receiving compliment . I think that it can increase my self esteem and if I think I don’t deserve such compliment it can be a motivation for me to work on my weak points and progress in future.

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        * gratitude
        * toward those who compliment me
        * have a bad feeling / have bad feelings
        * receiving a compliment / receiving compliments
        * self-esteem
        * in the future

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      Soroosh Houshmand

      I actually when someone give me compliments, most of the times I think that
      I actually deserve that like……One week ago in mathematics exam I get TOP 1
      And I get happy for 2 minutes.
      I tell to my parents…..
      My mother said: good job.
      My mother compliments was very normal.
      My dad: perfect soroosh , even in that night in the class with doctor you give your presentation veryyyyy nice.
      I actually like more my dad compliments.
      Okay at last I actually think I deserve compliments.

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        * When someone gives me a compliment, I actually
        * most of the time
        * last week
        * in the mathematics exam
        * I got
        * I told my parents about this event / success / what had happened
        * Soroosh
        * My mother’s compliment was very normal

        I agree with you, Soroosh. There is nothing wrong with getting positive energy from other people, especially our friends.

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