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Lazy Loading YouTube Videos WP YouTube Lyte

Last updated on May 15th, 2022 by | Category: | 52 Views | Reading Time: 6 minutes
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      We are lazy loading YouTube videos embedded in the lessons at LELB Society with WP YouTube Lyte plugin. From now on, our YouTube videos in the lessons  are NOT loaded unless you click on the play button. As a result, you simply see a thumbnail preview of the embedded YouTube videos instead of their original fat 3rd-party javascript codes. In this way, your internet bandwidth is dramatically saved, and you’ll enjoy a better and faster user experience.

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      Having tested the speed of my website pages, I noticed that the WP YouTube Lyte plugin sometimes does not work as expected. I searched for a substitute for that and came up with LazyLoad Plugin for Images, Videos and Iframes by WP-Rocket.

      I double-checked its functionality and yielded best possible results for website optimization. For this reason, I should admit that website management is in fact in a state of flux all the time and you need to update your knowledge and expertise constantly.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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