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My Excellent Experience at LELB Society for Learning English

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      My experience at LELB Society

      The major effect of learning at LELB Society academy for me is that I learn English so practical and enjoyable based on asynchronous learning methods. Firstly, the most important achievement that I experienced at LELB Society was learning academic words such as 504, 1100, etc. in context with images.

      Really, I think that without LELB I could not learn them easily and memorable. learning vocabulary in context with images was the best for me because before that I had started 504 and 1100 words book to read several times, but I had not succeeded in learning and using them.

      Furthermore, we can practice all four skills at listening, speaking, reading and writhing together in the complete natural way such as our mother tongue. In addition, at LELB academy are several different methods that help me to learn better and use my knowledge. For example, we can practice speaking by leaving voice message asynchronously and receive reply of our teacher.

      Beside that we discuss about interested topic in the class. Another difference that I experienced at LELB Society was practice writing through round table activity by asking and replying at comments and forums. Moreover, watching and listening to imbedded videos and podcasts inside the lessons are very useful for listening and speaking practice.

      Also, we improve our reading comprehension through hundreds of English short stories and articles with vocabulary practice and podcasts.
      Overall, learning English at LELB Society was completely different and practical for me so I am eager for continue and learning more and more.
      In the end, I am grateful for Dr. Hariri’s efforts to establish a different education methods for learning English at LELB Society.

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      Methodology at LELB Society

      I’m so happy that you’ve had decent experience at LELB Society. We do our best to innovate new methods for teaching English and even Persian in our online academy.

      As mentioned by you, our students can learn advanced and academic vocabulary in context with images. Our English vocabulary category consists of over 2,800 advanced vocabulary items, which is unprecedented.

      Our round table activity is aimed at implementing flipped learning and asynchronous learning in an interactive fashion. We also use portfolio assessment to track our students’ progress over time and promote learner autonomy in the most practical way.

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